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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Saturday  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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getting ready to refreeze. good evening, we beginning with the weather and wyff's meteorologist chris justus joins us now. chris, we are now watching how low the temperatures get together. chris: there is slush on many roads and that is likely to refreeze. we have a winter weather advisory until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow not for what will fall from the sky but what has fallen that will refreeze. for the north carolina mountains there's a winter storm warning still that is until tomorrow 7:00 a.m. and the mountains it is still snowing. we have snow from madison county to heywood and swain county. another inch in those areas as it continues until midnight. currently it is 32 degrees in greenville and with 12 to 15 hours below freezing that will refreeze the slush. 22 in asheville. into the overnight it will be
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miles an hour in hendersonville making it feel like 12. it feels like seven in asheville. as we go forward we will continue to see this icy kind of cold mess stick around a little bit longer. you can see low temperatures expected to be 19 asheville. 26 greenville bringing the wind chill in the asheville and henderson i will have to below zero. we will have more and how much your town saw in a few minutes. patrick: thank you, chris. thousands remain without power across the upstate and western north carolina. take a look here and it shows more than 2,600 duke energy customers are currently without power and majority of them in greenville cut. more than 1,400 are without power the blue ridge members most of them in pickens and currently 116 members with laurens electric. duke power says greenville has
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south carolina. greenville is where we find stephanie trotter who joins us live. whether are you finding? stephanie: more than 7,000 duke energy employees a canvassing the carolinas trying to bring heat and light. for the past 24 hours lightlye la has been limited to a room with gas logs. >> i'm frustrated because i'm scheduled. and i can't do anything. i'm not one to sit around and do nothing. i'm antsy. stephanie: down lines, blown transformers and blown poles pepper the county. no neighborhood is exempt. folks at butler springs and east north street are adjusting to
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>> if for a day it is things like the microwave and coffee. if it is a couple of days it sis i will have to recharge my phone. stephanie: a mile from haywood mall this crew is trying to restore power to three dozen homes. duke has pulled in teams from as far away as the midwest but the load has challenges in regard to information and communication. >> it takes a little bit to get a grip on what we have going on and who is exactly out and where and then once we do that it is pretty organized pretty fast and the restoration speeds up. patrick: microphone issues there but thank you. depending on where they were heading many drivers dealt with ice and slush and packed snow
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slick conditions on the roads. wyff's myra ruiz shows us what they encountered in north carolina. >> i'm on front annual road on i-40 west in the block mountain county county. we see the line of vehicles that opted not to come up the road because the hopes of making it all the way seemed pretty dim. >> no, because we knew we would not get out. >> it was still snowing and i had to go to work and the roads were completely covered. >> the cars are covered by snow. meantime there were signs of a rough ride in the asheville area on interstate 26. there were cars abandoned on the road left in hard snow. some say staying on the road was not easy. in henderson county parts of highway 25 barely seemed passable depending on which end. >> it was a little snow packed
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have all-wheel drive. once we were on the main roads they were pretty clear. >> the chilli temperatures could keep it around and gusty conditions raise other concerns much >> it is the other of power lines and others at home and how do we get to them. >> another bridge they are hoping not to cross 6789. patrick: our crews have been all across the upstste and aly myles was in clemson and mike mccormick was in spartanburg. as mike tells us, people started hitting the roads early this morning before the sun was up. mike: we watched people deal with this intersection by west gate mall on the west side. a lot of slipping and siding. we saw friends joy residing who were ought just trying to have fun. the driver of that jeep we saw him a few hours later driving a car that went off the side of
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embankment. some good samaritans had to pull him out. >> it is real slippery. i wouldn't advise nobody with no small cars to be out here because they will be in a different. they will be calling a tow truck. mike: police warning no matter how high the temperature today stay off the roads because they had already been working several accidents. aly: we are on clemson university's campus and it is kind of a weird time because it is 32 degrees but even though this snow is sticking around you can see where that melting drain off is going. so much rain and snow the last couple of days obviously the conditions this morning we have more snow that was after last night's snow, last afternoon's ice and all the rain yesterday. most of this area in clemson
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not a whole lot of places to eat. that was great for the owner of this pizza place and they were one of the only options an they had a crazy successful night. >> we delivered and it stopped delivering so we were just dealing with business in the store. it is shocking how much people want pizza when it sis snowing the the. aly: he was the one to go around to pick all of them and bring them in and bring them home. he said it was well worth it to know they were safe. patrick: now the weather may have a part to play as the panthers take on the cardinal for the n.f.c. championship. ricardo, crews are keeping an eye on the field. >> that's right. they are. i walked inside bank of america stadium a half hour ago and
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the snow off the field. it is being pushed to the side around the field there's kind of slush and mud. but the playing field has been covered by a tarp and officials covered it before the storm hit on friday and their plan is to remove it 24 hours before the game so, probably in the next hour that tarp will come up to let the field breathe and get air ahead of the game. there were issues with that field in the n.f. krfpltc. divisional game last week against seattle but the players were able to change cleats and they had no issues. so it should be about the same type of no issue as long as they are wearing those cleats and it should be playable against the cardinals. we will have more on that n.f.c. championship game in sports and also stay tuned for our panthers playoff special from 7:00 it
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we are live in charlotte. patrick: check out this time lapse in the asheville chamber skycam. you see the heavy snow bursts adding to the foot or more that they saw. like clock work later on the skies cleared and no melting. high was 27 degrees today. warmer temperatures tomorrow.
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people who have been out and about in downtown asheville have been dealing with bit patrick: people who have been without or out and about in asheville have been dealing with bitter cold and that is brought in by the gusty winds. corey davis was there during the worst and has this report from asheville. corey: right now downtown asheville the wind continues to play a factor as it continues to whip around the snow. look over here. crews have been working hard to clclr out the roads with plows and salt trucks. they have been clearing out several roads people travel on a who had. law enforcement has been down the road and the fire department, too. they have put am a lot of work saying they have been responding to calls helping people in need. the police department has also been checking abandoned cars and making sure no one is left
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drivers on the roads and the area. with the wind continues you see the snow tossed around. the warning is being sent out byy the north carolina department of transportation that black ice could be a problem. they are asking you to continue not to drive in the area. patrick: back down here in the upstate in travelers rest on mcgowan road it brought down an entire car port heavily damaging the cars underneath. look at this. diane hhean said it was around 1:00 a.m. and the white camaro is a total loss. diane: it was pass the down from my family. to my son. it has been our need to get away car and i love takar.
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patrick: she wishes the jeep would have been damaged sake the 2000 vehicle gave her the most peace with the top down. this is the wofford college and spartanburg skycam. spartanburg had 7.5 inches. a little bit of sunshine with melting on the roads. we will have a lot of melting
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# chris: i will show you a couple of time lapses when our computer connects again. it was dark early this morning in laurens but they had snow in some of the area. look at what happens as the sun came out. it was only about a half inch it withered away like snow here in the carolinas. by the end of the day it is gone in some locations but not others. up toward the champion hills skycam, they had snow in hendersonville pretty much all day long. that led to almost 15 inches in parts of hendersonville county. herpbt r henderson county rather.
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this sis where i-85 is. north of that is where the snow is south of there about a half inch. i will show you some totals. in south carolina we had hefty totals. spartan spartanburg 7 1/2. chesney seven. travelers rest seven. greer five. mountain rest four. pickens 3.1 and malden with 2. it the north carolina mountains this is where it ramped up. how much mitchell 19 inches. 16.5 for rosaline. 13.5 asheville. 10.5 hendersonville. waynesville 10 and rutherfordton 6 6.3 and hart wall .5 fplt.5. we are still tracking snowfall and you can see it on the tennessee bettered.
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madison county seeing in and swain north of bryson city seeing snow showers. temperatures, this is important as they crash tonight we will see black ice a problem on some of the back roads. it will freeze because we will see temperatures below freezing about 15 hours. it will be a cold one and windy one. 27-mile-per-hour weekend gusts in henderson developville. they will start to diminish by 4:00 a.m. the wind chill was like about five degrees above zero in the asheville area and it will continue to feel very cold overnight. the thermometer will read 19 in asheville. that will freeze a lot of stuff. 25 anderson will be the low and 28 in abbeville. tomorrow a lot of snow will melt so have the kids play early. temperatures will top out near 50 in tkpwraoefpl. spartanburg starts at 23 but
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anderson spartans -- starts at 25 and asheville starts in the teens and warms up to 40. you will start to see melting by lunchtime borrows you will -- because you will be at 40. that will help the d.o.t. workers. expect highs to be the warmest in the south. over to be a byville and greenwood near 35050. in charlotte it will be cold although nothing falling. 36 degrees to start. 30 to end the game with mostly clear and light wind. the snow should end by midnight and tomorrow phenomenal sunshine. it will be beautiful. throughout the middle of the workweek the next system comes our way this all rain. i'm not taking any wintry weather the next seven to 10 days. this moves in tuesday afternoon as rainfall. check out the four-day plus and
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saturday of next week break out the flip-flops, shorts, short sleeves -- maybe not that but we can hope for that. that rain moves out early wednesday morning. you may see a shower or two. we will have cooler temperatures wednesday and thursday but my eyes are on next saturday. patrick: taking a quick break from the winter weather a very isolate the storm buried one basketball fan in denver as the nuggets hosted the grizzlies. the mascot was having a silly bit you of fun when a grizzlies fan through a cup of water. turns out the mountain lion is a little vindictive. not even the nachos and hot dogs were safe.
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the way they play offense and very potent defense. it will be a great challenge for us. patrick: we are almost exactly 24 hours from the n.f.c. championship game between arizona and carolina. the cardinals just landed and the competition is in town. ricardo lecompte is live in charlotte with the latest. ricardo: good evening, mark. we are outside of bank of america stadium. tomorrow night the quarterbacks are going to play a part of which team will represent the n.f.c. in spell 50. cam newton's m.v.p. performance there year has put him in this position. he set nfl history with being the first to throw for at least 3 touchdown passes and rush for 10 more. but the biggest stat are the w's. 16 of them to put them in this position. that speaks to the type of
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maturity he's undergone since being drafted in 2011 out of auburn. >> people will talk about 2015-2016 carolina panthers for years to come and shame on us if we don't capitalize on it. that is what is pretty much important for us as a team. we know what we have in front of us and we are going -- if we don't maximize our opportunity we will say we let something slip away. >> any man got to grow as a human being and football player as neglect. he's a man, he is going to mature every year. you are going to see a difference no matter what. all the things somebody could say about him good or bad has been said so it is like let's put up, shut up and play football. ricardo: that is all they want to do play football and lead the
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cardinal. if he is able to beat the cardinals panthers will be in the spell for the first time since 2003. patrick: we will air our playoff special at 7:00. lots of great stuff ahead of the game. we will hit on the carolina connection a handful of players on the cardinals roster who call the carolinas home. that is 7:00 right here on wyff 4. south carolina spending saturday on rocky top trying to take down tennessee today in knoxville. second half we go tornhorn wefl to cara and he gives them three. south carolina hanging around but they had trouble gaining traction in the soeufplt. -- second half. this leads to a dunk and that is a double digit lead.
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away u.s.c. reeled them pwbgbecomepwbgbecome back. totomuch tennessee and too much kevin punter who had 36. the vols take down south carolina and second loss of the season for u.s.c. clemson enjoyed a rare weekend off a bye webgek returning to action wednesday against pittsburgh in downtown greenville. let's get to furman and wofford. they squared off for the first time since they played for the southern conference championship in march. pal -- furman went on a 11-0 run but the terriers rally edied behind collins. this went down to the wire a one-point game under 10 seconds to play and wofford's newman
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be short lived. here comes furman. he taps in the buzzer beater to give furman a win. they snap a six-game losing streak to terriers. jacksonville and upstate. spartans went inside to michael bun buchanan but jacksonville gets the win 77-68. presbyterian trailing u.n.c. asheville. we will have highlights at 11:00. patrick: panthers special at 7:00. a special weather trivia for panthers. they played tough games. thank you for watching news 4 at
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on this saturday night, states of emergency as a massive blizzard roars through the eastern part of the country. more than three feet of snow in some areas as the nation's largest citit all by shut down. we have it all covered tonight up and down the east coast. rdy to run? in the highly unpredictable race for president a new
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